Optimus Prime


Took a while but I finally rolled out an Optimus Prime Stencil!!


Avengers: Hawkeye


For you guys, my target audience! 🙂

Joker: The Dark Knight

Joker from Dark Knight

When you make an obvious joke….

Another Batman Stencil


Almost at the end of my Batman stencils! The Joker still to come… Seriously. 🙂

X-MEN – Mystique Stencil

mystique stencil

Experimenting more with coloured stencils.

Tron Legacy: Quorra


Experimenting with layering for this stencil concept.

The Amazing Spiderman


The Amazing Spiderman

Spiderman colour preview


So moving on slightly from Batman to Spiderman ….

As well as this big move, I also gave a coloured version a go!

The Dark Knight Rises: Bane


Another stencil of Bane! I went and saw the movie yesterday – Amazing!