My quest to update and refresh my portfolio site and other design relating thinking

In the world of web design it is very easy to get carried away putting lots of time and effort into different sites and leave your portfolio site behind.  I must admit that this very thing has happened to me.

I have set upon the quest to redesign my site quite a few months ago and it is gradually becoming a design which I am happy with.  As is the case with a lot of old designs you do, I look upon my old portfolio site and within the first 10 seconds of glancing on it I can see at least 10 things wrong, or I that I would alter slightly.  I guess it is true that you are in fact your worst critic! But I do not think that this is necessarily a bad thing.  It allows you to change things time and time again, altering it inch by inch until you get something you like (and hopefully other people like it too!!)

It is important not to settle for a design that you think is average.  This problem is easily solved by constant feedback and other people looking at your work.  Which runs ino the next important lesson to take the advice of others on board.  As you work on a design it gets harder and harder to come up with new ways to push its boundaries.

The main thing which has really helped me the past month is the constant feedback of someone in my field.  The feedback pushes you beyond your capabilities, even when you think that you have a pretty good design already!

Anyway, here is some examples of my new portfolio site:

about page design

contact page


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