Wazala Review

wazala logois a new online store application which requires no HTML or CSS knowledge to create and works with your existing website. 

To get the full experience of Wazala I did some scoping around on their site.  I like the simplicity and how clear and easy it is to use.  I especially liked the idea of “our favourite Wazala stores” which promoted people who had used their product online.

Here are a couple examples of Wazala online shopping carts already implemented online:

The Coffee Circle
The Coffee Circle

Din Pattern
Din Pattern

 Segull’s Eye    
Seagull’s Eye      

 Vianne Chocolate
Vianne Chocolate     

Wazala Shopping Cart Implementation 

To get a feel for the Wazala shopping cart I downloaded a free trial of the medium size deal which I like as a ‘taste option’ in determining whether or not the product is for you.  There are several shopping cart options to chose from, ranging  from a small size deal of 25 items to a large amount of 250 items. 

Anyway, getting now to setting up my very own Wazala sample store.  After clicking on the 15 day trial tab I was directed to a generic login page.  Here I could choose to use the login information from Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo.  I ended up choosing the Gmail account.  After I signed in I was directed to a setup page, which again was very simple and straightforward to use. 

After a couple of minutes the initial set up was done.  I must say, I was impressed the the dashboard, or ‘Store Manager’ page in regards to the amount of options which were available to the user.  Once I set up the store it was very easy to go on to add products.  After filling out all this information about myself and my products I was able to copy and paste the code provided into my site and VOILA! My very own online store.

 The Store Manager page:

wazala store setup


Adding a product to sell from your shopping cart:


Its ease of use puts Wazala’s Shopping cart at a distinct advantage.  However, with its simple design and use comes a few small problems.  The main one is the shop is not customisable and cannot be integrated with your existing look and feel of your website. As it is opened on top of your website as a separate interface.  Yet this minor issue is an almost non-existent with the ease of use which the seller and buyer experience with Wazala. 

I would highly recommend Wazala to people who want to quickly and easily set up and maintain an online store.

Quick Overview

 Wazala Features
  • Super imposes on your website
  • Can sell physical and digital products from the same store
  • Can recieve payments through most widely used payment platforms
  • Easily accessible inventory information
  • Multiple images and options display
  • Elegant dashboard displaying all store activities
  • Adapts to your growing store needs
  • Integrated support


  • No coding experience necessary
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can set up on a blog, Facebook, etc
  • Flexible


  • not fully customisable
  • unable to fully integrate it into your website (match the look and feel)


  • Small (25 items):           $9.95/ month or $99.50/year
  • Medium: (100 items):  $19.95/month or $199.50/year
  • Large (250 items):        $29.95/month or $299.50/year

For more information, go to http://www.wazala.com/


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