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tegan holcombe website screenshot

After finishing up uni I have been busily working on a portfolio site.  It has been a great experience making my own portfolio site.  With any project you learn as you go and it definitely helps to have a clear end in mind! 

 Design wise I wanted to make it simple and have a big visual impact.  I have used the website itself as an example of my work as well as the things I have put on it!  In designing the site it went through various styles before I came to use a wallpaper/ paper pattern design. 

I also used SimpleViewer to display the images.  My friend recommended it to me and it has been great!  It is very easy to modify and use in your website.  One of the main benefits is adding new photos and not having to modify the layout!  However, the main disadvantage is the use of Flash.  This slows down the page and not everyone downloads the flash player.  In response to this I intend to have an alternative display of pictures where if the person does not have flash they will be displayed instead.  

Once the site was uploaded thats where the majority of debugging happened (especially designing for different browsers).  Nothing is better than getting your friends to go through and discover if something is not working.  Going through it yourself is never quite the same, nor is creating personas in looking at your site in a “different way”. 

Check it out at


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