Interactive Advertising on the Internet

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Interactive ads are the next step of advertising on the Internet.  This has got me thinking about advertising on websites and if interactive ads will really work? Are they in fact more effective than static or flash ads which simple play with no input from the user?

When you go to a website there is a great chance that there will be some sort of advertising on it.  There has been countless times where I have clicked on a website and to my great luck I am alerted to the fact by a big flashing box at the top of the page that I am the so called 999 999th viewer and click here to win a prize.  Over time people have developed mechanisms to avoid looking at ads on the page.   An article on this can be found here.

The way people look at websites today are a strong indicator that ads and advertising are often avoided on websites.  But what if the ads were interactive?  Would this concept really work? Sure it is a new and innovative concept and shows ads in a different light, but could it also be a big distraction for people?  What will the users ultimately get out of it? 20mins of time wasted when they should have been doing work?  However, in saying this devices such as television have ads and people spend their time in between the show watching these ads.  Perhaps the waste of time comment holds irrelevance on the Internet.  I have been guilty of going onto sites such as Photoshop disasters and FML and have wasted a huge amount of time.  Another problem with anything on the Internet is the players you need to download in order to view the ad.  A lot of people also do not want to install a flash player or an Adobe shockwave player, etc especially as this could make the loading time a lot slower as well.

interactive ad

However despite the problems interactive ads have they are a vast improvement to the majority of ads already on the Internet.  In recent times the concept of interactivity has really taken off as the control the users want to have over their technological devices are steadily increasing.  Interactive ads in this light provide the user with the control and to further manipulate what the ads do.  There is really nothing worst then going to a site where random music suddenly plays and there is no off button or way to control it.  Often the modern user opens several tags at once and it takes time to discover which one is playing that extremely annoying music.  This I admit is one of my extreme hates and will immediately close the tab for that particular website.

iphone interactive ads

Interactivity, while it gives the users a sense of control it is really just the users going through the motions of the predetermined actions which the creators have put into the code.  At the same time is this really such a bad thing?  The users have an interesting time with the ad, staying on it for a longer time which really benefits the businesses which are using this form of advertising.  It will be interesting to see what the future will hold and if interactive ads will take off.

Some interactive ads to look and interact with:


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One response to “Interactive Advertising on the Internet”

  1. Dean says :

    As far as interactive ads go, I have really only witness the demos of iAd features in Apple’s iPhone OS4 SDK keynote. I think that they do have the ability to lift internet advertising out of the ‘vulgar’ and into the Internet Age.
    Ads are funny things and whilst we know that they are designed for particular audiences, living in Australia, we rarely see advertising in other cultures.
    One thing that was brought to my attention by a French National – the TV ads in Europe are more sophisticated than those we have here. None of the “RUGS! RUGS! RUGS! I’M REALLY CLOSING DOWN THIS TIME! I MEAN IT! COME IN AND GET YOUR RUGS! RUGS! RUGS!” *shudder* ads and similar garbage. Whether that’s because advertising is so expensive, smaller businesses cannot afford to advertise, or Europeans really are more sophisticated – someone knows, but not me. The baseline in Europe is a premium quality of advertising. They’re not only exuberantly aesthetically appealing but they make you think or even smile when you see their angle.
    The new generation of interactive advertising won’t necessarily abolish the stationary ads of the past. There will still be plenty of cyberjunk like “Teeth Whitening” and “IQ test” ads – unless you chose to filter them out (I use Glimmer Blocker for Mac. There are also apps specifically for Mozilla, like AdBlock Plus).
    The fad may last for a period, but like the old, we will adapt to overlook the interactive ads and focus more on content. I know that that’s what I’ll be doing.

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