Internet Art Project Final – Flash

For my final Internet Art project I did several pages (total 9) which all linked off to each other.  The pages are all completed in Flash and are set to be full page.  The fish are animated (in a loop) and ‘swim’ together at the same time.  This animation loops.  From each page you can get to all of the others.  The first image is without any rollover and the second image shows the rollover and how you can get to another page.  Some of the work is quite abstract and others you are able to interact with at a greater level. 
*Click on any of the images to enlarge*

index Internet art        fish index rollover

difference fish         difference fish rollover

inverted fish        inverted fish rollover

scale fish        scale fish rollover

ray collage fish        ray collage fish rollover

ray 2 images fish        ray 2 images rollover

The following pages are the grid pages.  These pages have a greater level of interaction.  When you view this work in a browser the fish will follow the cursor, revealing move of the image as it moves. 

 grid fish        grid fish rollover

 grid black and white        black and white grid rollover

opposite grid fish       

See here for original concept

See here for past work in progress and ideas


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3 responses to “Internet Art Project Final – Flash”

  1. Dean says :

    Looks awesome!

    I really want to see the final project in-action.

    (One more exam)

    Hope you’re watching the World Cup.

    See you at soccer.

  2. Vicki says :

    Me me me, pick ME! I want to see it in action too 🙂 Awesome to see how it’s progressed!
    p.s. Some of us have totally been watching the World Cup- poor Kaka.

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