Expression in Lines

Recently, I have been exploring lines and the power of expression.  Here is a work I did recently in photoshop to explore the simple use of  lines in giving expression.  Looking between the lines is a thing of the past, so is colouring in the lines.  Once out of primary school you can start to have a bit of fun!  There are many good lines to use and I have looked for several examples of line drawings which I really liked. (see below for the line up).

Girl line drawing with eyes and nose

girl head line drawinggirl line drawing with less detail

Other works or next in line which incorporates lines and uses them effectively are: ArchRamiel’s image from flickr:

expressive line drawing of woman

(See also Final Performance, which is similar to this work.)

Another effective line painting/ work is by  Magnus Blank. See his work iPhone painting #123


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One response to “Expression in Lines”

  1. Katrina says :

    Loving this tegan, it’s amazing how much the eyes can say. Great job capturing the emotion here.

    This is a link to that artist i told you about, Paul Summerfield on show at the God’s Cafe ANU – check it out, quite a fan of the prints – something new and interesting to see in each one every time you walk past.

    Enjoying the blog, much love Xx

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