Stuart Campbell + RESN from Agideas (and Interactive Design)

Stuart Campbell

Stuart Campbell workStuart Campbell work headStuart Campbell photo

During Design week, Stuart Campbell gave a presentation on this work in Interactive design.  He is the creator of the online comic book – Nawlz which is a combination of text, illustration, music, animation and interactivity.  I really liked his work and his concepts.  Definately take the time to look at his stuff.


resn work resn work mtvresn photo

An digital agency also dealing heavily with interactive in websites was RESN.  They too were at Agideas and gave a presentation.  I really liked the sites they created, aimed for active participation by the user, especially their site on Luke Buda where everything seems to be able to be manipulated if you just test it out by clicking on it! 

Interactivity in Webpages

Interactivity really interests me, especially on the Internet where the user can hold some control over the work.  Although the user has some control, the dimensions and parameters are cleary set by the artist/ programmer.  Interaction is also quite a tricky thing to design.  You want to show everybody what you can do so you put as much as possible into it.  This can often result in over cluttered works.  It is easy to forget the the simple can be the most effective, especially in website design.  I am a strong advocate for this concept!


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