Cape Oasis Header Updated

After going through countless designs for the header for this website I am making for my Aunt’s Orchid business I finally found something that I was happy with.  Although people barely glance at headers as a rule – through eye tracking tests.  I am happy to say if they do look then it will be visually pleasing.  It also has a modern twist which general nursery pages which I have come across in my research in doing this page lack. 

I wanted to create the header first in order to base the rest of the design on the page around it.  Here is my design process of all the designs before the final.  You can see at the end of it I went for an entirely different approach because these designs were going nowhere fast!

header design process

 Here is the final product…. Now I just have to play around with the rest of the layout in order to resolve the final design.

final website header


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