Internet Art project

At uni I am taking an Internet art course.  As a part of the assessment we have to do a major project which can be anything which is displayed in a webpage.  I am going to do an one page artwork where a fish is swimming around on the screen. The actual fish shape will be a mask to which the background will be seen through this mask or shape.  The background is a grid of images consisting of overfishing or carp.

The message or purpose of this work is to comment on overfishing and the vast population of carp in our waterways, where the actual fish image is going to be based on a goldfish.  I intend to have some interaction where if the cursor is near the fish it will swim quickly away as if scared.   Here are some initial concept sketches of the project, as it is still very early days of this project.  Currently I am leaning towards the bottom picture – with a top view of the fish swimming.

fish internet art concept

There are several decisions to make such as:
– is the grid lines going to be displayed?
– is there going to be lower opacity for the fins?
– is there ultimately going to be more than one fish?


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