Website Design: is Flash too ‘Flashy’

Recently, I have been thinking about website design and the different types of websites that are now been produced.  Today having a website is essential to any company.  Websites have become more dynamic and as a result people expect a certain degree of coherency.  The page layouts of websites is starting to broaden from the more common menu down the side or up the top to completely interactive and dymanic sites.  An example of a flash site can be seen on Emerystudio’s site.  Where you move your way across the page in order to reveal new content.  In relation to this I was also thinking will more people be making flash sites? Will there be a demand? I know of lots of people who become frustrated, a lot of the time not having a flash plugin in order to see the content.  What level of control will the user need over the site? Does more dynamic mean more or easier control? As more flash is used more extensively in websites it will be interesting to how society will accept or reject them.


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